What is Industrial Kitchen Decoration, How is it Made?

Industrial kitchens; They are large size kitchens made of stainless steel and shaped according to your business information. Industrial kitchen decorations. For this reason, industrial kitchen decoration ideas in their enterprises vary. The products included in these kitchen types are widely used in some sectors due to their long-lasting use and their multifunctionality.


With the development of technology, industrial kitchen decorations are often preferred in enterprises that provide catering services. For example:
  • Oven kitchen
  • Hotel kitchen
  • Restaurant kitchen
  • School kitchen
In addition to the above kitchen types, catering companies that serve on bulk orders prefer their industrial cuisine.


Speed: Enables chefs and chefs working in the kitchen to make many orders at the same time.
Cleaning: They are made of easy-to-clean material.
Durability: As they are generally made of stainless steel and similar metal materials, they do not easily deform.
Capacity: They are decorated according to the work of many people at the same time, and production never stops. The biggest advantage is the use of high capacity products that support speed and harmonious operation.


First of all, you need to analyze the needs of the business. You need to determine which devices to use, where the extensions and connections will go, and the access areas. With this work, which is the basis of the design, you can get a nice kitchen decoration and maximum benefit. You should make the best use of the existing kitchen. For this, you should consider the dimensions and designs of the devices you set. You must determine a correct distribution. You have to realize the main part that will make up the kitchen and a distribution in which the flow of work will not be divided. For example: The warehouses where the materials are stored are not far from the kitchen or the dish section is at the end to prevent work flow. You should decorate the kitchen with suitable machines. For example, open fires, grills or mixed ovens where many different dishes can be cooked for hotel kitchen decorations can be indispensable industrial kitchen equipment. For kitchens with a large production capacity, you can use large size fryers, pots and pans. You have to choose the kitchen equipment for every occasion. All kinds of products made of stainless steel, which is a material suitable for health, offering long-term use, should be your number one friend in the kitchen. One of the most useful ideas among kitchen decoration ideas is to choose design for components. The choice of design for components ensures easy cleaning of devices or products, or easy replacement and replacement of damaged parts in case of malfunction. You should choose the appropriate technology. You can know what and when to do with the appropriate technology. You can choose devices that can be programmed or warn time can be adjusted to warn when the process is finished. You should care about energy consumption. By choosing E-VO dishwashers, NEO refrigerators and advance ovens, you can benefit from these environmentally friendly and low energy technologies.