Who is Ersus Food Services LTD?

About Us

Our Company has been serving about Exculitive Chief Service, HACCP Basic Awareness Training, Food Safety Basic Awareness Training, Food Allergens Awareness Training, Industrial Kitchen Installation Consultancy, Quality Management System Setup since 2019 and also it has been thriving by Fish and Chips management.

Our company, which set out with the motto “The biggest gain is the customer”, has adopted customer satisfaction as its principle.

Our Vision

Our expertise and efficiency to become the first to come to mind for our customers in The UK are to also have a significant impact on the business community outside The UK.

Our Mission

With our effectiveness, honesty, agility, and organizational efficiency; is to increase the value we add to our customers, employees, society, and environment continuously and significantly. To provide corporate and individual training to companies and/or individuals to provide personal and professional contributions in the fields of Food Security and Hygiene. Quality food is everyone's right.

Our Values

Honesty; We do exactly what we promised. We do not promise what we cannot do.
Sharing; We share our knowledge, experiences, and results achieved.
Development; We try to perfect tomorrow.
Innovation; In today's business world, where change and competition are intense, to present our customers with the newest and most modern applications that will lead to success.
Privacy; To show the highest level of sensitivity to our customers' trade secrets related to their fields of activity, to keep these secrets as our own.